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Ready to unlock your team's full potential through healthy thought management?
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I specialize in healthy thought management to increase productivity and balance in all areas of your life.


100+ coached to increased productivity

Jackie Carl Coaching

Hi, I'm Jackie!

Productivity Coach Through Healthy Thought Management


Hey there! I'm Jackie, a wife, a mother, and a seasoned productivity coach with over 25 years of leadership experience in corporate operations, nonprofits, sales, and business coaching.


When I reached the peak of my career, I found myself secretly burned out (while in the spotlight) and struggling to find balance. 

Something had to change.

Turning to podcasts and books felt good and inspired me, but they didn't help me get the real results I needed so I invested in myself through professional coaching.


The transformation through coaching has been epic! Not only did it ignite my passion, but it also has directly impacted my personal life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

Thanks to the work I did through coaching, I am more successful and more balanced than ever.

As a certified coach with extensive experience in community and one-on-one settings, I'm thrilled to share these transformative strategies with you and your teams, too!

My Services:


Elevate your team's mindset and performance with one of my dynamic series, where I deliver actionable strategies to harness the power of positive thinking for tangible and lasting results.


These interactive events will empower your team to cultivate resilience, drive productivity, and achieve fulfillment across all aspects of life.

Private Coaching

Together, we'll collaborate to overcome barriers and unleash your potential for success, unlocking a mindset geared towards high productivity and focus.


You will learn how to create sustainable success/life balance processes to establish a foundation for lasting growth, empowering success while maintaining life balance.

Collaborate & Elevate

A monthly meet-up in Dallas, TX created to form synergistic connections, collaboration, and insights to empower local business owners in an intimate supportive community environment.


Thank you to my incredible business coach, Jackie Carl. Hiring you was one of the best things I did for my business. You helped me get crystal clear on my goal and made sure my actions got me there all while remaining true to me.

- Natalie

"Such a good and productive meeting with you! Thank you so much! Because of that, I have had the most productive day just reaching out to people and asking the right questions, which has always been a struggle for me! You have helped me so much in BOTH of my businesses! Thank you!"

- Kelly

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for today! It makes my heart happy. I really, really appreciate being with you in this space and being able to have you talk me through it. So, just thank you so much!"

- Paula


87% of organizations believe in leadership development, but only 5% actually invest in it. When organizations invest in leadership development, they get outsized results (7X-41X).

-Harvard Business Review


Would you like to meet?

Would you like to hear more about how I can help lead you and your employees to increased productivity and reduce expensive burnout?


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