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I help you rewire your mind to achieve peak performance and balance at work and home, creating a lasting generational impact of success with harmony.

When I'm in blue, I mean business

We all want a life of fulfillment, impact and balance.

But the majority of us feel stuck, out of whack, and too exhausted to do anything about it.

Which is why leaders are seeing increased burnout, lack of focus, and reduced productivity within their teams and workplaces. For many of us, we are struggling with lives where we:

  • Feel more anxious than ever before, impacting our ability to perform at the level we need at work and home.

  • Are too busy to find and apply the right solutions so that we can understand what’s holding us back, draining our energy, and keeping us feeling “off balance” most of the time.

  • Struggle to see a clear path toward sustainable success both at work and at home.


Meet Jackie Carl

Jackie is a Master Certified Mindset coach who has 20 years in leadership positions in corporate, nonprofit, and sales organizations. Through her experiences, she has found that even high-achieving professionals secretly operate from a place of fear, lack of clarity, and an imbalance within the workplace, at home, and between the two.

Transitioning from burnout at the height of her sales career to additionally launching a successful coaching business, she helps high performers master their mindset for peak performance. Balancing family life amid real-life challenges from trauma recovery to her husband's cancer diagnosis, she champions a life of harmony, embodying resilience and adaptability.

Jackie is not only a leadership athlete, she's an expert snow skier, marathon runner, tennis player, and a century club earner at her local Lagree Pilates studio.

Approachable coaching

How Jackie Can Help You:

Invite Jackie to Speak

Book Jackie to ignite your team or to keynote your upcoming event. Your audience will walk away empowered with actionable strategies to help them stress less and create balance in their lives. 

Private Coaching

Let Jackie work with you to put an end to your burnout cycle and transform you into a more successful, balanced version of you which will create a lasting, generational impact. 

Attend an in person event

Join Jackie at a Rewired event to rewire your mind for less stress, better balance, and increased productivity and focus at work and home. She also hosts monthly networking meetings.

Happy client testimonial

Thank you to my incredible business coach, Jackie Carl. Hiring you was one of the best things I did for my business. You helped me get crystal clear on my goal and made sure my actions got me there all while remaining true to me.

- Natalie

"Such a good and productive meeting with you! Thank you so much! Because of that, I have had the most productive day just reaching out to people and asking the right questions, which has always been a struggle for me! You have helped me so much in BOTH of my businesses! Thank you!"

- Kelly

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for today! It makes my heart happy. I really, really appreciate being with you in this space and being able to have you talk me through it. So, just thank you so much!"

- Paula

Happy client testimonial
Happy client testimonial

A message from Jackie

Celebrating a big golf win
My generational impact
Speaking on stage for company training

Even in our fast-paced world, I sincerely believe you can live a life of meaningful impact, fulfillment, balance, and freedom from burnout and increasing anxiety.


We all hold incredible transformation capacity through subtle mindset shifts and small steps in line with our values. This is where challenges go from time and energy sucks to becoming serious growth opportunities.


What I've learned through my coaching and leadership experience is that building from burnout or getting unstuck starts with training your mind to think the thoughts that will lead your actions, resulting in you becoming the impactful, balanced, and fulfilled person you want to become.

That's where mindset coaching comes in......

Your mind is the most powerful tool you have. It can be used for good or bad, even when you don't realize it. 

When you make the subtle yet powerful, healthy shifts in your mind, you will become the highest version of yourself in all areas of your life. And I can help you do just that!


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