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Speaker Series

Through a series of highly interactive events, I will destigmatize discussions of struggle, failure, and fear in leadership and employee dynamics, empowering individuals to drive change at all levels for supportive, motivating environments. Central to my approach is fostering ownership and responsibility for personal choices.

Power Presentation

Unlocking Your Potential: Mastering Positive Thinking for Personal and Professional Success

When your team participates in this 1-hour interactive presentation, they can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of positive thinking for personal and professional success. They will learn about the science behind positive thinking, strategies for identifying and overcoming negative thought patterns, and practical techniques for cultivating a positive mindset in their daily lives, ultimately empowering them to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

1-hour presentations plus 30 minutes of open coaching afterward

Success Series

Healthy Thought Management for Increased Productivity

When your team participates in this three-part series, they will understand, reshape, and sustain healthy thought habits for enhanced productivity. They can expect to gain insights into their thought patterns, learn practical techniques for cognitive restructuring and mindfulness, and receive personalized strategies for cultivating positive habits, ultimately leading to sustained productivity and growth in their professional and personal lives.

3 - 1 hour presentations over 3 months plus 1 hour open coaching after each session

Mindshift Mastery Intensive

Transforming Your Mindset for Sustainable Success

When your team participates in this 3-hour interactive workshop, they can expect a transformative experience focused on cultivating a positive mindset for sustainable success. Through interactive sessions covering productivity, envisioning the future, and practical action planning, they will gain valuable tools to challenge negative thought patterns, align goals with vision, and take concrete steps towards their desired future, fostering a culture of growth and achievement within your organization.

3 - 1 hour presentations over 3 months plus 1 hour open coaching after each session

"I can honestly say that having Jackie as my coach has changed me for the better and elevated my business. She not only encouraged me to dream bigger, but has given me the tactical tools to grow my business and accomplish my goals. I am finally taking actions that I've put off for months! I'm blessed to call Jackie my coach and also a friend." - Jana - Cyber Security Executive + Marketing Leader

"I just want to thank you. I've just been thinking about our last session so much in the last week. I really feel like for the last two years, I've just been like a pinball bouncing all over the place. Now I feel like after your last presentation, you helped me find so much clarity." - Natalie - E-Commerce Business Owner

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