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Coaching services

Whether you engage me as your next speaker or as your 1:1 coach, you'll experience a transformative journey of creating new thought patterns that will result in a noticeably more focused, productive, and balanced, version of you and your team. My method instills a sense of awareness, ownership, and accountability for personal decisions, ensuring lasting impact and growth.

*I set the tone with real-life, relatable case studies in an authentic and approachable way with a side of wit and maybe just a touch of cussing when necessary to make a point.


*Pricing starts at $1,000 

Speaker Series

Power Presentation

Unlocking Your Potential: Mastering Positive Thinking for Personal and Professional Success

When your team participates in this 1-hour interactive presentation, they can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of the importance of positive thinking for personal and professional success. They will learn about the science and impact behind positive thinking, strategies for identifying and overcoming negative thought patterns, and practical techniques for cultivating a positive mindset in their daily lives, ultimately empowering them to unlock their potential and achieve their goals.

1-hour impactful presentation plus 30 minutes of open coaching afterward

Success Series

Healthy Thought Management for Increased Productivity

When your team participates in this three-part series, they will understand, reshape, and sustain healthy thought habits for enhanced productivity. They can expect to gain insights into their own thought patterns, learn practical techniques for cognitive restructuring and mindfulness, and receive personalized strategies for cultivating positive habits, ultimately leading to sustained productivity and growth in their professional and personal lives.

All attendees will be given a worksheet to track microhabits that they establish and track themselves. From session to session, they will create and new microhabits to stack on top of previous ones to show them how small, positive shifts, when compounded over time, will create meaningful positive progress in their jobs and at home.

3 - 1 hour presentations over 3 months plus 1-hour coaching after each session (open format or 4 X 1:1 15-minute mini sessions) 

Mindshift Mastery Intensive

Transforming Your Mindset for Sustainable Success

When your team participates in this 3-hour interactive workshop, they can expect a transformative experience focused on cultivating a positive mindset for sustainable success. Through interactive sessions covering mindset for increased productivity, envisioning the future, and practical action planning, they will gain valuable tools to challenge negative thought patterns, align goals with vision, and take concrete steps towards their desired future, fostering a culture of growth and achievement within your organization.

3 - powerful hours of an interactive workshop

Private Coaching

As your personal minset coach, you can expect a tailored approach designed to help you achieve strategic, sustainable success while maintaining a healthy life balance. Together, we'll establish clear goals that align with your aspirations, ensuring that your objectives are not only attainable but also contribute to long-term fulfillment. By establishing a lasting foundation of healthy growth, we'll cultivate a mindset that is both highly productive, focused, impactful and balanced.


Through this transformation, you'll develop the mindset skills, and habits necessary to navigate challenges effectively that if done consistently, will lead you to the most productive, fulfilled, and balanced version of yourself. 

12 X 60-minute sessions of 1:1 bi-weekly private coaching via Zoom over a minimum of 6 months.

*I will only privately coach women out of respect for my marriage. Sorry, guys.


Access to additional support/accountability via the Voxer app M-F

"Thank you to my incredible business coach, Jackie Carl. Hiring you was one of the best things I did for my business. You helped me get crystal clear on my goal and ensure my actions got me there all while remaining true to me." - Natalie T, E-commerce business owner

"I just want to say thank you so much for today! It makes my heart happy! I really, really appreciate being in this space and being able to have you guide me through it. Thank you so much!" Paula - Marketing Leader

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