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From Funk to Forward

Hi friend! Are you in a FUNK?


Do you find yourself trying to force yourself out of the mud, but just find yourself more and more frustrated the harder you try?

It definitely takes more than just space to get yourself out of these funks, especially as a woman, but this is the #1 place to start.

Let me show you how to go from FUNKytown to clarity and momentum NOW.

the Block


Jackie - standing Posts.png

Hey friend, do you feel like you're living at your full potential?

Are your thoughts positive and powerful?

Sometimes what we tell ourselves causes us to block ourselves and hold ourselves back from our true greatness!

It's time to Unlock The Block!

In "Unlock the Block," we'll dive deep into the challenges that have been hindering your business growth and discover the keys to unlocking your path to success. Here's what you can expect:


🔓 Identify Your Business Block: Together, we'll uncover the specific obstacles standing in your way and explore practical solutions to overcome them. Gain clarity and insight into what's been holding you back and empower yourself to move forward.


🔓 Reframe Your Fear(s): Let's conquer those fears that have been holding you back, my friend. I'll guide you in reframing your fears, helping you tap into your inner strength and resilience. It's time to transform fear into a catalyst for growth and progress.


🔓 Identify Energy-Draining Areas: We'll shine a light on the areas in your business that drain your energy and hinder your productivity. Discover strategies to eliminate or streamline these energy vampires, freeing up your time and resources for what truly matters.


🔓 Find New, Productive Focus: Together, we'll explore how to prioritize your efforts and focus on activities that yield the greatest results. Uncover new opportunities and avenues for growth as we align your focus with your business goals.

During our time together, we'll be discussing:

  • How to start your day and end your day with gratitude to have a better mindset

  • New ways to visualize your success that will drive you to take action

  • Tools to use comparison as a way to elevate, not deflate you

  • How to push out self-doubt so you can let more confident thoughts in

  • Prioritizing ME time so you can show up as your best self

If this sounds like something you need in your life right now, then join me, and let's get you unblocked and moving and grooving again.


Together, we'll unlock the blockages holding you back and set you on a path toward realizing your business's full potential.

Spots are limited, my friend, so secure your place now by clicking the button below. Get ready to unlock your business success and take a significant step forward in your entrepreneurial journey!

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"Her positive spirit, genuine desire, and impressive experiences sold me on working with her. She went from a complete stranger to a mentor and teacher that will forever be a part of my story as an entrepreneur. She helped me strategize, learn what I wanted, focus on what I needed to do, and work through obstacles that were holding me back in achieving my goals. If you are seeking guidance in improving or expanding your business, or even are just starting out and needing direction, Jackie is your gal!"

- Erica P.


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