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The Thing That Nobody Is Talking About.....

Before I dive in, I want to give you some context by sharing a bit about me.

I'm Jackie Carl, a Master Certified Mindset coach with 20 years in leadership positions in corporate, nonprofit, and sales organizations. Through my experiences, I have found that even high-achieving professionals secretly operate from a place of stress, fear, lack of clarity, and an imbalance within the workplace, at home, and between the two.

As a result, there's a generational impact of stress that will either kickstart or continue from here until……?

Transitioning from burnout at the height of my sales career to additionally launching a successful coaching business, I help high performers master their mindset for peak performance. Balancing family life amid real-life challenges from trauma recovery to my husband's cancer diagnosis, I champion a life of harmony, embodying resilience and adaptability.

It's also important to know that I am a very proud daughter of an Emergency Room MD which means I am acutely aware of how the emotional toll that a stressful work environment can be transferred to future generations.

True to high achiever form, I'm also an expert snow skier, marathon runner, tennis player, and a Century Club member at my local Lagree Pilates studio.

Now that you understand a bit about the lens through which I look through, we can officially start our mindset mastery journey together.

Let's start here....slow can be a good thing!

This is the theme of my life right now. At the time of writing this, my kids are ending their 3rd and 5th grade years tomorrow. I just finished a rebrand and expansion of speaking services in this business while also running an entirely different business.

The only way I can do all of the above is to go uncomfortably slow. This slowness has allowed for 1) balance 2) clarity and 3) intentionality and you know what? I have arrived right on time and balanced.

It's easy to brush something important to us off because our bandwidths are low, but.....what if it's just accepting the challenge of doing it anyway, even if you need to do it slower than what's comfortable for you?

What would that be?

Maybe take 2 years to train for that race instead of 9 months?

Maybe write that book 3 pages a week?

Would it require you to let go of expectations that don't serve you in the long run anyway?

(Hint....those are all good journal prompts to work through!)

I love a good challenge

From one high performer to another...I challenge you to intentionally give yourself space to figure out what that personal goal is for you. Then choose ONE thing you can do to move you towards that goal. Rest with how it feels to take that one step and do it again day by day as you can.

If you let it, this could be your first true step towards balance!

What works for me - is practicing 5-10 mins of meditation, silent car rides, and exercise.

What does that look like for you?

If any of this resonates with you or inspires you, I'd love to hear how by commenting below!

Know someone who could benefit from this message? Please forward it on!

Your partner in success and balance,



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