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Free Live Workshop

in the Hustle

How to find more
focus, flow & harmony
so you can work less and achieve more!

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Hey friend, do you identify as a high-achiever but you find yourself struggling with: ​

  • self-criticism & negative self-talk

  • procrastination due to overwhelm

  • lack of excitement for your business and life

Are you feeling as though you're in a never-ending season of burnout?

Are you torn between the pull of work and life and tired of trying to balance it all?


How would you like to:

  • Get out of the energy-draining cycle of being extra busy so you can get more of the right things done?

  • Find more flow in your day-to-day?

  • Have a clear direction on what to do to reach your goals?

I'm here to tell you it's possible to have
Harmony in the Hustle!

What would be different for you if:
❤️ You loved waking up to your work each day 
❤️ Began to enjoy the journey again
❤️ Found harmony between your work and family life?

In my upcoming workshop, Harmony in the Hustle, I'm going to share with you the tools to get back on track.

We'll talk about:

  1. Creating boundaries in your life in order to show up as your best self each day

  2. How to flip your narrative of the stories you're telling yourself so you can build a more positive mindset

  3. Learn how to focus on the things that build your business so you can avoid the things that don't move the needle

  4. What success looks like for you so you can build out a path to get you there. 

Here's what other clients are saying about how I helped them find
Harmony in the Hustle


Jackie was such a great asset to my business. She was able to hear the narrative I was giving and flip it on its head so that I could move forward and prosper in my business. Anytime I had a moment of doubt I could reach out and get some coaching and have a cheerleader in my court. If you're looking to improve your business mindset, I highly recommend Jackie to you to better ways of thinking and success in your business!


I can honestly say that having Jackie as my coach has changed me for the better and elevated my business. She not only encouraged me to look forward and dream bigger but has given me the tactical tools to grow my business and accomplish my goals. I'm now sending monthly customer newsletters that I've been putting off for months. I'm blessed to call Jackie my coach.

woman 4


Jackie helped me have more productivity in my days. She helped me figure out how to connect with people and ask the right questions, which has always been a struggle for me! She helped me so much in BOTH  of my businesses and taught me how to find time to focus on each one!

Are you ready to go from:

Busy → Abundant
Struggling →
Overwhelmed → Aligned

Frazzled → Focused

Sign up today for my FREE LIVE workshop on Monday, November 20th at noon CST or at 7:00 pm CST, and let's put some
mony in the Hustle!

Let's do this! Register here:


"Her positive spirit, genuine desire, and impressive experiences sold me on working with her. She went from a complete stranger to a mentor and teacher that will forever be a part of my story as an entrepreneur. She helped me strategize, learn what I wanted, focus on what I needed to do, and work through obstacles that were holding me back in achieving my goals. If you are seeking guidance in improving or expanding your business, or even are just starting out and needing direction, Jackie is your gal!"

- Erica P.

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