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If you are:

Stuck in a cycle of stress at work or home (likely) BOTH, this invitation is for you!

Here's why stress awareness / management is so important:

Stress not only impacts our physical and mental health, it impacts our relationships and how we show up in everyday work/life scenarios.


Stress impacts relationships with those at home and if you are in a season of actively parenting (like me), it will shape the way you raise your children, which will therefore, impact the way that they raise their children and so on....a generational cycle of stress continues indefinitely, or until someone stops it (if they do).

Furthermore, stress shapes the way you show up at work, lead your team, your productivity, your effectiveness, your ability to problem solve and the list goes on.

But the good news is:

Although stress is an intense energy drain, it can be controlled by the power of your own mind.


During our time together, you will walk away with some highly effective and easy to apply tools that will help you rewire your brain to stress far less so you'll start to live a more balanced life and become the role model the important people in your life need you to be.

There are only 14 seats available for this event. First come / serve.

Bring your own lunch to eat during our time together. Water/drinks and light refreshments will be served.

I can't wait to see you and start this positive transformation with you!

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