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My Top Energy Saving Tip

One of the most valuable mindset tips I can share as someone who is navigating the challenges of double entrepreneurship and the demands of mom life during the flu season (and bonus this year… also lice, thank you cheer team) with a highly valuable energy saving tip that will carry you through seasons when life is extra for you, too.


Instead of getting caught up in the old patterns of self-criticism and overcommitment to try “catching up” while sacrificing self care when I'm spread thin, I've adopted a simple yet insanely effective filter for my thoughts and actions. 


I constantly ask myself, "Is spending my energy on this thought or action productive?" 


If the answer is YES and it contributes to my goals, I allocate the appropriate time and energy to it. 


If the answer is NO, I consciously choose to redirect my focus elsewhere deserving of my energy. 


Just like flipping a switch.  


This “energy saving filter” through which I look through has transformed my mindset, preventing unnecessary stress and ensuring that my energy is invested where it truly matters at that time.


It's also the same filter that helps me make sound business decisions like, “is starting a podcast right now the right way to spend my energy?” (the answer is no, not right now, anyway).


So, the next time you find yourself justifying decisions, trying to do it all, spinning on a negative interaction with someone or making a business move, visualize that filter and ask yourself, "Is this truly deserving of my precious energy?" 


It's like having an energy-saving filter for your thoughts, allowing you to prioritize what genuinely serves you and your goals.


Pro tip! It takes practice using the filter and sticking to the boundaries that need to be put in place when the answer is yes or no, too. So give yourself grace as you put this into practice and keep at it.


You can apply this filter in various aspects of your life, too! Personally, it has led me to cut down on TV and social media, redirecting that energy towards more enriching activities like podcasts, business development books, and coaching resources. 


And it's a silver bullet for comparison, too.


I hope you find this energy saving tip helpful and you start using it immediately so you can focus on what really matters the most.

I hope this message serves you! Please let me know if it does!



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